Does Your Car Have ADAS?

ADAS - (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Some examples of ADAS: 

Adaptive cruise control

Automatic braking

Blind spot detection

Collision avoidance systems

Lane departure warning systems

Parking assistance systems

Pedestrian detection

Speed sign detection

The diagnosis and reset of ADAS is one of the automotive industry's most recent challenges. After being involved in an accident or a small bump, the cameras and sensors on the vehicle need to be specially re-calibrated. 

At Premier, we: 

Calibrate driver assistance systems (ADAS) quickly and easily at low cost

We Have a digital calibration panel for all vehicle models​

ADAS has a key role in reducing the number of accidents on the road. In the past 5 years, there has been a 10% reduction in the number of road collisions. As technology has progressed, driving has become safer, and it will only continue to become safer in the coming years.

The benefits of ADAS to both drivers and companies:

Safer roads for all 

Costs are driven down (Fewer accidents = less money spent)

ADAS can reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance by up to 6% by minimising the wear factor of the brake pads and tyres

Reduces fuel consumption - ADAS helps to change the driving style of the vehicle, saving fuel consumption by up to 15%


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